The Lasertex system is a state of the art laser platform which allows garment finishers to give their denim, leather and other fabrics the very latest look in fashion design. It provides a push-button solution for finishing and cutting a wide range of garments to meet the latest market requirements in the fast moving world of fashion.

Give your garments a vintage look as if they were faded over the years!



laser cutting machine


High quality garments. Top accuracy.

The best machine in the market to achieve high definition designs, very accurate, due it fine laser spot, which works in an area of 30×30 cm and equipped with a fume extractor. This machine is perfect to customize all type of tops or bottoms.


High productivity and versatility while maintaining high resolution printing.

High productivity double dynamic table, non-setup (marks nonstop) both tables on both directions. After being marked clothes don’t fall from the expulsion area, it is possible to work with both belts in frontal advance, steel compact structure, Macsa ID quality.

  • Marca software by Macsa.
  • High resolution 3D scanner system.
  • External positioning system by projector, adjustable area,
    directly from the Macra software. Configuration of conveyor
    belt progresses and speed by software.
  • It can incorporate a lateral displacement mannequin
    system in two or four positions.
  • Available in Single or Twin version (2 lasers).

Lasertex Futura Twin

Lateral movement.

  • Annex module available for Lasertex Advanced machine.
  • Engrave positioning mechanisms and jeans uploading station are totally independent.
  • Faster mannequin exchanging thanks to the lateral movement.
  • Two or four programmable stops of the mannequin positioning system.
  • Direct vision of the working area (without monitors).

Lasertex UNNO

Set up anywhere, from developments to production in one step.

Continuous marking table, reduced size to install in small places, it is ideal machine to get started in the world of laser marking. Available to mark denim, t-shirt or any other kind of fabrics and materials as well such as leather.

  • High resolution 3D scanner.
  • Denim marking with an adjustable area.
  • Continuous marking system, non-stop.
  • Compact steel structure.
  • Powered by our Marca 6.0 software.